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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NmrptThis is the global namespace for all Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) libraries
 NxsensThe namespace of all Xsens software since 2006
 CBitCheck< N, N >
 CCGraphSlamHandlerManage variables and methods related to applications executing graphSLAM using the mrpt-graphslam API
 CCmtDataFormatA structure for storing data formats
 CCmtDeviceConfigurationStructure containing a full device configuration as returned by the ReqConfig message
 CCmtDeviceModeA structure for storing device modes
 CCmtDeviceMode2A structure for storing device modes using period and skip factor (new default)
 CCmtPortInfoStructure for storing information about a serial port
 CCmtScenarioA structure for storing scenario information
 CCmtSyncInSettingsA structure for storing sync in settings
 CCmtSyncOutSettingsA structure for storing sync out settings
 CCmtUtcTimeA structure for storing UTC Time values
 CCmtVersionA structure for storing the firmware version
 CCMyRedirectorThis auxiliary class redirects the output sent to a streambuf to a wxTextCtrl object
 Cdetection_dataHolds feature data relevant to detection
Structure to represent an affine invariant image feature
 CIoInterfaceAn abstract IO interface
 CIoInterfaceFileThe low-level file communication class
 CIProtocolHandlerInterface class for protocol handlers
 Ckd_nodeNode in a k-d tree
 CLegacyDataPacketContains an MTData XsMessage and supports functions for extracting contained data
 CMessageLocationStores the location of a message in a buffer using a start position and a size
 Cmin_pqMinimizing priority queue
 CmPointHull! mPointHull serves to calculate the convex hull of a set of points in 2D, which are defined by its position (x,y) and an identity id
 CMtwSdiDataClass to store strapdown integration data
 CPacketFixedDataA structure containing fixed packet data, which should not change during a measurement for the same device
 CPacketInfoContains offset information about data in the packet
 CPacketStamperSupplies functionality for timestamping data packets
 CPointCloudStorageWrapperAuxiliary class used to refactor CObservationVelodyneScan::generatePointCloud()
 Cpq_nodeElement in a minimizing priority queue
 CProtocolHandlerMessage protocol handling class
 Cransac_dataHolds feature data relevant to ransac
 CSerialInterfaceThe low-level serial communication class
 CStreamInterfaceA stream interface
 CTAuxRangeMeasInfoAuxiliary for optimal sampling in RO-SLAM
 CTLocalPointLocal stucture used in the next method (must be here for usage within STL stuff)
 CToXMLStringToolHelper class to create XML files using "printf", "fprintf", "cout",..
 CUsbInterfaceAn IoInterface for dealing specifically with Xsens USB devices
 CUsbInterfacePrivatePrivate object for UsbInterface
 CXMLAttributeStructure for XML attribute
 CXMLClearStructure for XML clear (unformatted) node (usually comments)
 CXMLNodeMain Class representing a XML node
 CXMLNodeContentsThis structure is given by the function XMLNode::enumContents
 CXMLParserBase64ToolHelper class to include binary data inside XML strings using "Base64 encoding"
 CXMLResultsStructure used to obtain error details if the parse fails
 CXsAnalogInDataData from analog inputs from sensors
 CXsArrayDescriptorThis object describes how to treat the data in an array
 CXsAtomicIntWrapper class for easy use of XsAtomicIntValue values
 CXsDataFormatA structure for storing data formats
 CXsDataPacketContains data received from a device or read from a file
 CXsGpsPvtDataData from the GPS unit of a legacy MTi-G
 CXsLibraryLoaderThe Xsens dynamic library loader base class
 CXsMessageStructure for storing a single message
 CXsMessageHeaderA message header
 CXsOutputConfigurationSingle data type output configuration
 CXsPressurePressure data
 CXsRawGpsDopA container for NAV-DOP data
 CXsRawGpsSolA container for NAV-SOL data
 CXsRawGpsSvInfoA container for NAV-SVINFO data
 CXsRawGpsTimeUtcA container for NAV-TIMEUTC data
 CXsScrDataContainer for raw sensor measurement data
 CXsSvInfoA container for information of one satellite
 CXsSyncSettingA structure for storing all xsens sync settings
 CXsTimeStampClass for managing timestamps in a unified way
 CXsTriggerIndicationDataData for a trigger indication message
 CXsUShortVectorA vector containing 3 short values
 CXsUtcTimeA structure for storing UTC Time values
 CXsWinUsbClass for dynamic loading of winusb

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