struct mrpt::obs::gnss::Message_TOPCON_PZS


GPS datum for TopCon’s mmGPS devices: PZS.

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#include <mrpt/obs/gnss_messages_topcon.h>

struct Message_TOPCON_PZS: public mrpt::obs::gnss::gnss_message
    // enums

        msg_type = TOPCON_PZS,

    // fields

    double latitude_degrees {0};
    double longitude_degrees {0};
    double height_meters {0};
    double RTK_height_meters {0};
    float PSigma {0};
    double angle_transmitter {0};
    uint8_t nId {0};
    uint8_t Fix {0};
    uint8_t TXBattery {0};
    uint8_t RXBattery {0};
    uint8_t error {0};
    bool hasCartesianPosVel {false};
    double cartesian_x {0};
    double cartesian_y {0};
    double cartesian_z {0};
    double cartesian_vx {0};
    double cartesian_vy {0};
    double cartesian_vz {0};
    bool hasPosCov {false};
    mrpt::math::CMatrixFloat44 pos_covariance;
    bool hasVelCov {false};
    mrpt::math::CMatrixFloat44 vel_covariance;
    bool hasStats {false};
    uint8_t stats_GPS_sats_used {0};
    uint8_t stats_GLONASS_sats_used {0};
    uint8_t stats_rtk_fix_progress {0};

    // construction


    // methods

    template <class TGEODETICCOORDS>
    TGEODETICCOORDS getAsStruct() const;

    virtual void dumpToStream(std::ostream& out) const;

Inherited Members

    // fields

    gnss_message_type_t message_type;

    // methods

    void writeToStream(mrpt::serialization::CArchive& out) const;
    void readFromStream(mrpt::serialization::CArchive& in);
    virtual void dumpToStream(std::ostream& out) const = 0;
    virtual void fixEndianness();
    virtual void dumpToConsole(std::ostream& o) const;
    virtual bool getAllFieldDescriptions(] std::ostream& o) const;
    virtual bool getAllFieldValues(] std::ostream& o) const;
    const std::string& getMessageTypeAsString() const;
    static gnss_message* readAndBuildFromStream(mrpt::serialization::CArchive& in);
    static gnss_message* Factory(const gnss_message_type_t msg_id);
    static bool FactoryKnowsMsgType(const gnss_message_type_t msg_id);


double latitude_degrees {0}

The measured latitude, in degrees (North:+ , South:-)

double longitude_degrees {0}

The measured longitude, in degrees (East:+ , West:-)

double height_meters {0}

ellipsoidal height from N-beam [m] perhaps weighted with regular gps

double RTK_height_meters {0}

ellipsoidal height [m] without N-beam correction

float PSigma {0}

position SEP [m]

double angle_transmitter {0}

Vertical angle of N-beam.

uint8_t nId {0}

ID of the transmitter [1-4], 0 if none.

uint8_t Fix {0}

1: GPS, 2: mmGPS

uint8_t TXBattery {0}

battery level on transmitter

uint8_t RXBattery {0}

battery level on receiver

bool hasCartesianPosVel {false}

system error indicator

double cartesian_x {0}

Only if hasCartesianPosVel is true.

double cartesian_vx {0}

Only if hasCartesianPosVel is true.

mrpt::math::CMatrixFloat44 pos_covariance

Only if hasPosCov is true.

mrpt::math::CMatrixFloat44 vel_covariance

Only if hasPosCov is true.

uint8_t stats_rtk_fix_progress {0}

[0,100] %, only in modes other than RTK FIXED.


template <class TGEODETICCOORDS>
TGEODETICCOORDS getAsStruct() const

Return the geodetic coords as a mrpt::topography::TGeodeticCoords structure (requires linking against mrpt-topography) Call as: getAsStruct<TGeodeticCoords>();.

virtual void dumpToStream(std::ostream& out) const

Dumps the contents of the observation in a human-readable form to a given output stream.

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