1. MRPT ROS packages

The following ROS packages are provided wrapping MRPT functionality:

  • mrpt2: For older Ubuntu distributions, this ROS package provides a more recent version of MRPT 2.x.x so users do not need to build it from sources.

  • mrpt_msgs: ROS messages for MRPT classes and objects

  • mrpt_navigation: Reactive autonomous navigation algorithms.

  • mrpt_sensors: Reading from diverse sensors (Supported sensors).

  • mrpt_slam: Basic 2D and 3D SLAM algorithms.

  • pose_cov_ops: SE(2) and SE(3) pose probability density function manipulation library.

See also MRPT ROS packages status table for:

2. Python

All MRPT libraries are wrapped into one single Python3 module pymrpt. See:

3. Matlab

Part of MRPT can be compiled into a .mex file and used directly from MATLAB. Read more here.