C++ library for Input-Output (IO) to raw and compressed files,

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Library mrpt-io

[New in MRPT 2.0.0]

This library is part of MRPT and can be installed in Debian-based systems with:

sudo apt install libmrpt-io-dev

See: mrpt_from_cmake

Library contents

// enums

enum mrpt::io::OpenMode;

// classes

class mrpt::io::CFileGZInputStream;
class mrpt::io::CFileGZOutputStream;
class mrpt::io::CFileInputStream;
class mrpt::io::CFileOutputStream;
class mrpt::io::CFileStream;
class mrpt::io::CMemoryStream;
class mrpt::io::CPipe;
class mrpt::io::CPipeBaseEndPoint;
class mrpt::io::CPipeReadEndPoint;
class mrpt::io::CStream;
class mrpt::io::CTextFileLinesParser;

// global functions

std::string mrpt::io::lazy_load_absolute_path(const std::string& relativeOrAbsolutePath);

Global Functions

std::string mrpt::io::lazy_load_absolute_path(const std::string& relativeOrAbsolutePath)

Makes sure of building an absolute path for the given relative (or possibly absolute) lazy-load object.