struct mrpt::obs::gnss::Message_NMEA_RMC::content_t


#include <mrpt/obs/gnss_messages_ascii_nmea.h>

struct content_t
    // fields

    UTC_time UTCTime;
    int8_t validity_char {'V'};
    double latitude_degrees {0};
    double longitude_degrees {0};
    double speed_knots {0};
    double direction_degrees {0};
    uint8_t date_day {0};
    uint8_t date_month {0};
    uint8_t date_year {0};
    double magnetic_dir {};
    char positioning_mode {'N'};

    // construction



UTC_time UTCTime

The GPS sensor measured timestamp (in UTC time)

int8_t validity_char {'V'}

This will be: ‘A’=OK or ‘V’=void.

double latitude_degrees {0}

The measured latitude, in degrees (North:+ , South:-)

double longitude_degrees {0}

The measured longitude, in degrees (East:+ , West:-)

double speed_knots {0}

Measured speed (in knots)

double direction_degrees {0}

Measured speed direction (in degrees)

uint8_t date_day {0}

Date: day (1-31), month (1-12), two-digits year (00-99)

double magnetic_dir {}

Magnetic variation direction (East:+, West:-)

char positioning_mode {'N'}

‘A’: Autonomous, ‘D’: Differential, ‘N’: Not valid, ‘E’: Estimated, ‘M’: Manual