struct mrpt::obs::gnss::Message_NMEA_GGA::content_t


#include <mrpt/obs/gnss_messages_ascii_nmea.h>

struct content_t
    // fields

    UTC_time UTCTime;
    double latitude_degrees {0};
    double longitude_degrees {0};
    uint8_t fix_quality {0};
    double altitude_meters {0};
    double geoidal_distance {};
    double orthometric_altitude {};
    double corrected_orthometric_altitude {};
    uint32_t satellitesUsed {0};
    bool thereis_HDOP {false};
    float HDOP {0};

    // construction



UTC_time UTCTime

The GPS sensor measured timestamp (in UTC time)

double latitude_degrees {0}

The measured latitude, in degrees (North:+ , South:-)

double longitude_degrees {0}

The measured longitude, in degrees (East:+ , West:-)

uint8_t fix_quality {0}

NMEA standard values: 0 = invalid, 1 = GPS fix (SPS), 2 = DGPS fix, 3 = PPS fix, 4 = Real Time Kinematic, 5 = Float RTK, 6 = estimated (dead reckoning) (2.3 feature), 7 = Manual input mode, 8 = Simulation mode.

double altitude_meters {0}

The measured altitude, in meters (A).

double geoidal_distance {}

Undulation: Difference between the measured altitude and the geoid, in meters (B).

double orthometric_altitude {}

The measured orthometric altitude, in meters (A)+(B).

double corrected_orthometric_altitude {}

The corrected (only for TopCon mmGPS) orthometric altitude, in meters mmGPS(A+B).

uint32_t satellitesUsed {0}

The number of satelites used to compute this estimation.

bool thereis_HDOP {false}

This states whether to take into account the value in the HDOP field.

float HDOP {0}

The HDOP (Horizontal Dilution of Precision) as returned by the sensor.