class mrpt::gui::mrptEvent3DWindowGrabImageFile


An event sent by a CDisplayWindow3D window when an image is saved after enabling this feature with CDisplayWindow3D::grabImagesStart()

IMPORTANTE NOTICE: Event handlers in your observer class will be invoked from the wxWidgets internal MRPT thread, so all your code in the handler must be thread safe.

#include <mrpt/gui/CDisplayWindow3D.h>

class mrptEvent3DWindowGrabImageFile: public mrpt::system::mrptEvent
    // fields

    CDisplayWindow3D* source_object;
    const std::string& img_file;

    // construction

        CDisplayWindow3D* obj,
        const std::string& _img_file


const std::string& img_file

The absolute path of the file that has been just saved.