struct mrpt::obs::CActionRobotMovement3D::TMotionModelOptions::TOptions_6DOFModel


#include <mrpt/obs/CActionRobotMovement3D.h>

struct TOptions_6DOFModel
    // fields

    uint32_t nParticlesCount {300};
    float a1 {0};
    float a2 {0};
    float a3 {0};
    float a4 {0};
    float a5 {0};
    float a6 {0};
    float a7 {0};
    float a8 {0};
    float a9 {0};
    float a10 {0};
    float additional_std_XYZ {0.001f};
    float additional_std_angle {mrpt::DEG2RAD(0.05f)};


uint32_t nParticlesCount {300}

Options for the 6DOFModel model which generates a CPosePDFParticles object an then create from that CPosePDFGaussian object in poseChange.

float additional_std_XYZ {0.001f}

An additional noise added to the 6DOF model (std.

dev. in meters and radians).