struct mrpt::obs::CActionRobotMovement2D::TMotionModelOptions::TOptions_GaussianModel


Options for the gaussian model, which generates a CPosePDFGaussian object in poseChange using a closed-form linear Gaussian model.

See docs in:

#include <mrpt/obs/CActionRobotMovement2D.h>

struct TOptions_GaussianModel
    // fields

    double a1 {0.01};
    double a2 {mrpt::RAD2DEG(0.001)};
    double a3 {mrpt::DEG2RAD(1.0)};
    double a4 {0.05};
    double minStdXY {0.01};
    double minStdPHI {mrpt::DEG2RAD(0.2)};

    // construction


        double a1_,
        double a2_,
        double a3_,
        double a4_,
        double minStdXY_,
        double minStdPHI_


double a1 {0.01}

Ratio of uncertainty: [meter/meter].

double a2 {mrpt::RAD2DEG(0.001)}

Ratio of uncertainty: [meter/degree].

double a3 {mrpt::DEG2RAD(1.0)}

Ratio of uncertainty: [degree/meter].

double a4 {0.05}

Ratio of uncertainty: [degree/degree].

double minStdXY {0.01}

Additional uncertainty: [meters].

double minStdPHI {mrpt::DEG2RAD(0.2)}

Additional uncertainty: [degrees].