struct mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtraction::TOptions


The set of parameters for all the detectors & descriptor algorithms.

#include <mrpt/vision/CFeatureExtraction.h>

struct TOptions: public mrpt::config::CLoadableOptions
    // structs

    struct TAKAZEOptions;
    struct TBCDOptions;
    struct TBLDOptions;
    struct TFASTOptions;
    struct THarrisOptions;
    struct TKLTOptions;
    struct TLATCHOptions;
    struct TLSDOptions;
    struct TLogPolarImagesOptions;
    struct TORBOptions;
    struct TPolarImagesOptions;
    struct TSIFTOptions;
    struct TSURFOptions;
    struct TSpinImagesOptions;

    // fields

    TKeyPointMethod featsType {featKLT};
    unsigned int patchSize {21};
    bool useMask {false};
    bool addNewFeatures {false};
    bool FIND_SUBPIXEL {true};
    struct mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtraction::TOptions::TKLTOptions KLTOptions;
    struct mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtraction::TOptions::THarrisOptions harrisOptions;
    struct mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtraction::TOptions::TBCDOptions BCDOptions;
    struct mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtraction::TOptions::TFASTOptions FASTOptions;
    struct mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtraction::TOptions::TORBOptions ORBOptions;
    struct mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtraction::TOptions::TSIFTOptions SIFTOptions;
    struct mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtraction::TOptions::TSURFOptions SURFOptions;
    struct mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtraction::TOptions::TSpinImagesOptions SpinImagesOptions;
    struct mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtraction::TOptions::TPolarImagesOptions PolarImagesOptions;
    struct mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtraction::TOptions::TLogPolarImagesOptions LogPolarImagesOptions;
    struct mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtraction::TOptions::TAKAZEOptions AKAZEOptions;
    struct mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtraction::TOptions::TLSDOptions LSDOptions;
    struct mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtraction::TOptions::TBLDOptions BLDOptions;
    struct mrpt::vision::CFeatureExtraction::TOptions::TLATCHOptions LATCHOptions;

    // construction

    TOptions(const TKeyPointMethod ft);

    // methods

    virtual void loadFromConfigFile(const mrpt::config::CConfigFileBase& source, const std::string& section);
    virtual void dumpToTextStream(std::ostream& out) const;

Inherited Members

    // methods

    virtual void loadFromConfigFile(const mrpt::config::CConfigFileBase& source, const std::string& section) = 0;
    void loadFromConfigFileName(const std::string& config_file, const std::string& section);
    virtual void saveToConfigFile(mrpt::config::CConfigFileBase& target, const std::string& section) const;
    void saveToConfigFileName(const std::string& config_file, const std::string& section) const;
    void dumpToConsole() const;
    virtual void dumpToTextStream(std::ostream& out) const;


TKeyPointMethod featsType {featKLT}

Type of the extracted features.

unsigned int patchSize {21}

Size of the patch to extract, or 0 if no patch is desired (default=21).

bool useMask {false}

Whether to use a mask for determining the regions where not to look for keypoints (default=false).

bool addNewFeatures {false}

Whether to add the found features to the input feature list or clear it before adding them (default=false).

bool FIND_SUBPIXEL {true}

Indicates if subpixel accuracy is desired for the extracted points (only applicable to KLT and Harris features)


virtual void loadFromConfigFile(const mrpt::config::CConfigFileBase& source, const std::string& section)

This method load the options from a “.ini”-like file or memory-stored string list.

Only those parameters found in the given “section” and having the same name that the variable are loaded. Those not found in the file will stay with their previous values (usually the default values loaded at initialization). An example of an “.ini” file:

resolution    = 0.10   // blah blah...
modeSelection = 1      // 0=blah, 1=blah,...

See also:

loadFromConfigFileName, saveToConfigFile

virtual void dumpToTextStream(std::ostream& out) const

This method should clearly display all the contents of the structure in textual form, sending it to a std::ostream.

The default implementation in this base class relies on saveToConfigFile() to generate a plain text representation of all the parameters.