class mrpt::poses::CPoint2D


A class used to store a 2D point.

For a complete description of Points/Poses, see mrpt::poses::CPoseOrPoint, or refer to the 2D/3D Geometry tutorial in the wiki.


See also:

CPoseOrPoint, CPose, CPoint

#include <mrpt/poses/CPoint2D.h>

class CPoint2D:
    public mrpt::poses::CPoint,
    public mrpt::serialization::CSerializable
    // typedefs

    typedef double value_type;
    typedef double& reference;
    typedef double const_reference;
    typedef std::size_t size_type;
    typedef std::ptrdiff_t difference_type;

    // enums

        is_3D_val = 0,

        is_PDF_val = 0,

        static_size = 2,

    // fields

    mrpt::math::CVectorFixedDouble<2> m_coords;

    // construction

    CPoint2D(double x, double y);

    template <class OTHERCLASS, std::size_t DIM2>
    CPoint2D(const CPoseOrPoint<OTHERCLASS, DIM2>& b);

    CPoint2D(const mrpt::math::TPoint2D& o);
    CPoint2D(const mrpt::math::TPoint3D& o);

    // methods

    static constexpr size_type size();
    static constexpr bool empty();
    static constexpr size_type max_size();
    static void resize(size_t n);
    mrpt::math::TPoint2D asTPoint() const;
    void asVector(vector_t& v) const;
    CPoint2D operator - (const CPose2D& b) const;
    virtual void setToNaN();
    static constexpr bool is_3D();
    static constexpr bool is_PDF();

Inherited Members

    // typedefs

    typedef mrpt::math::CVectorFixedDouble<DIM> vector_t;

    // methods

    double& x();
    double& y();
    void x(const double v);
    void y(const double v);
    void x_incr(const double v);
    void y_incr(const double v);
    const DERIVEDCLASS& derived() const;
    DERIVEDCLASS& derived();

    template <class OTHERCLASS>
    void AddComponents(const OTHERCLASS& b);

    void operator *= (const double s);

    template <class MATRIX44>
    void getHomogeneousMatrix(MATRIX44& out_HM) const;

    virtual std::string asString() const;
    void fromString(const std::string& s);
    double x() const;
    double y() const;

    template <class OTHERCLASS, std::size_t DIM2>
    double sqrDistanceTo(const CPoseOrPoint<OTHERCLASS, DIM2>& b) const;

    template <class OTHERCLASS, std::size_t DIM2>
    double distanceTo(const CPoseOrPoint<OTHERCLASS, DIM2>& b) const;

    double distanceTo(const mrpt::math::TPoint3D& b) const;
    double distance2DToSquare(double ax, double ay) const;
    double distance3DToSquare(double ax, double ay, double az) const;
    double distance2DTo(double ax, double ay) const;
    double distance3DTo(double ax, double ay, double az) const;
    double norm() const;
    vector_t asVectorVal() const;

    template <class MATRIX44>
    MATRIX44 getHomogeneousMatrixVal() const;

    template <class MATRIX44>
    void getInverseHomogeneousMatrix(MATRIX44& out_HM) const;

    template <class MATRIX44>
    MATRIX44 getInverseHomogeneousMatrixVal() const;

    virtual void setToNaN() = 0;
    static bool is3DPoseOrPoint();


typedef double value_type

The type of the elements.


mrpt::math::CVectorFixedDouble<2> m_coords



CPoint2D(double x, double y)

Constructor for initializing point coordinates.

template <class OTHERCLASS, std::size_t DIM2>
CPoint2D(const CPoseOrPoint<OTHERCLASS, DIM2>& b)

Constructor from x/y coordinates given from other pose.

CPoint2D(const mrpt::math::TPoint2D& o)

Explicit constructor from lightweight type.

CPoint2D(const mrpt::math::TPoint3D& o)

Explicit constructor from lightweight type (loses the z coord).


void asVector(vector_t& v) const

Return the pose or point as a 2x1 vector [x, y]’.

CPoint2D operator - (const CPose2D& b) const

The operator D=”this”-b is the pose inverse compounding operator, the resulting points “D” fulfils: “this” = b + D, so that: b == a + (b-a)

virtual void setToNaN()

Set all data fields to quiet NaN.