struct mrpt::vision::TStereoCalibResults


Output results for mrpt::vision::checkerBoardStereoCalibration.

#include <mrpt/vision/chessboard_stereo_camera_calib.h>

struct TStereoCalibResults
    // fields

    mrpt::img::TStereoCamera cam_params;
    mrpt::poses::CPose3D right2left_camera_pose;
    std::vector<mrpt::math::TPose3D> left_cam_poses;
    std::vector<bool> image_pair_was_used;
    double final_rmse {0};
    size_t final_iters {0};
    size_t final_number_good_image_pairs {0};
    std::array<double, 9> left_params_inv_variance;
    std::array<double, 9> right_params_inv_variance;

    // construction



mrpt::img::TStereoCamera cam_params

Recovered parameters of the stereo camera.

mrpt::poses::CPose3D right2left_camera_pose

The pose of the left camera as seen from the right camera.

std::vector<mrpt::math::TPose3D> left_cam_poses

Poses of the origin of coordinates of the pattern wrt the left camera (i.e.

the origin of coordinates, as seen from the different camera poses)

std::vector<bool> image_pair_was_used

true if a checkerboard was correctly detected in both left/right images.

false if it wasn’t, so the image pair didn’t make it to the optimization.

double final_rmse {0}

Final reprojection square Root Mean Square Error (in pixels).

size_t final_iters {0}

Final number of optimization iterations executed.

size_t final_number_good_image_pairs {0}

Number of image pairs in which valid checkerboards were correctly detected.

std::array<double, 9> left_params_inv_variance

The inverse variance (information/precision) of each of the 9 left/right camera parameters [fx fy cx cy k1 k2 k3 t1 t2].

Those not estimated as indicated in TStereoCalibParams will be zeros (i.e. an “infinite uncertainty”)