struct mrpt::slam::CGridMapAligner::TReturnInfo


The ICP algorithm return information.

#include <mrpt/slam/CGridMapAligner.h>

struct TReturnInfo: public mrpt::slam::TMetricMapAlignmentResult
    // structs

    struct TPairPlusDistance;

    // fields

    float goodness {0};
    mrpt::poses::CPose2D noRobustEstimation;
    mrpt::containers::deepcopy_poly_ptr<mrpt::poses::CPosePDFSOG::Ptr> sog1;
    mrpt::containers::deepcopy_poly_ptr<mrpt::poses::CPosePDFSOG::Ptr> sog2;
    mrpt::containers::deepcopy_poly_ptr<mrpt::poses::CPosePDFSOG::Ptr> sog3;
    mrpt::maps::CLandmarksMap::Ptr landmarks_map1;
    mrpt::maps::CLandmarksMap::Ptr landmarks_map2;
    mrpt::tfest::TMatchingPairList correspondences;
    std::vector<TPairPlusDistance> correspondences_dists_maha;
    std::vector<double> icp_goodness_all_sog_modes;

    // construction



float goodness {0}

A goodness measure for the alignment, it is a [0,1] range indicator of percentage of correspondences.

mrpt::poses::CPose2D noRobustEstimation

The “brute” estimation from using all the available correspondences, provided just for comparison purposes (it is not the robust estimation, available as the result of the Align method).

mrpt::containers::deepcopy_poly_ptr<mrpt::poses::CPosePDFSOG::Ptr> sog1

The different SOG densities at different steps of the algorithm:

  • sog1 : Directly from the matching of features

  • sog2 : Merged of sog1

  • sog3 : sog2 refined with ICP

  • The final sog is the merge of sog3.

mrpt::maps::CLandmarksMap::Ptr landmarks_map1

The landmarks of each map (the indices of these landmarks correspond to those in “correspondences”)

mrpt::tfest::TMatchingPairList correspondences

All the found correspondences (not consistent)

std::vector<TPairPlusDistance> correspondences_dists_maha

Mahalanobis distance for each potential correspondence.

std::vector<double> icp_goodness_all_sog_modes

The ICP goodness of all potential SOG modes at the stage “sog2”, thus before the removing of “bad” ICP matches.