struct mrpt::nav::PlannerTPS_VirtualBase::TRenderPlannedPathOptions


Options for renderMoveTree()

#include <mrpt/nav/planners/PlannerRRT_common.h>

struct TRenderPlannedPathOptions
    // fields

    mrpt::graphs::TNodeID highlight_path_to_node_id = mrpt::graphs::INVALID_NODEID;
    size_t draw_shape_decimation {1};
    const mrpt::poses::CPose2D* x_rand_pose = nullptr;
    const mrpt::poses::CPose2D* x_nearest_pose = nullptr;
    const mrpt::maps::CPointsMap* local_obs_from_nearest_pose = nullptr;
    const mrpt::poses::CPose2D* new_state = nullptr;
    double xyzcorners_scale {0};
    bool highlight_last_added_edge {false};
    double ground_xy_grid_frequency {10.0};
    mrpt::img::TColor color_vehicle;
    mrpt::img::TColor color_obstacles;
    mrpt::img::TColor color_local_obstacles;
    mrpt::img::TColor color_start;
    mrpt::img::TColor color_goal;
    mrpt::img::TColor color_ground_xy_grid;
    mrpt::img::TColor color_normal_edge;
    mrpt::img::TColor color_last_edge;
    mrpt::img::TColor color_optimal_edge;
    float width_last_edge {3.f};
    float width_normal_edge {1.f};
    float width_optimal_edge {4.f};
    int point_size_obstacles {5};
    int point_size_local_obstacles {5};
    double vehicle_shape_z {0.01};
    double vehicle_line_width {2.0};
    bool draw_obstacles {true};
    std::string log_msg;
    mrpt::math::TPoint3D log_msg_position;
    double log_msg_scale {0.2};

    // construction



mrpt::graphs::TNodeID highlight_path_to_node_id = mrpt::graphs::INVALID_NODEID

Highlight the path from root towards this node (usually, the target)

size_t draw_shape_decimation {1}

(Default=1) Draw one out of N vehicle shapes along the highlighted path

double xyzcorners_scale {0}

A scale factor to all XYZ corners (default=0, means auto determien from vehicle shape)

bool highlight_last_added_edge {false}


double ground_xy_grid_frequency {10.0}

(Default=10 meters) Set to 0 to disable

mrpt::img::TColor color_vehicle

Robot color

mrpt::img::TColor color_obstacles

obstacles color

mrpt::img::TColor color_local_obstacles

local obstacles color

mrpt::img::TColor color_start

START indication color

mrpt::img::TColor color_goal

END indication color

double vehicle_shape_z {0.01}

(Default=0.01) Height (Z coordinate) for the vehicle shapes.

Helps making it in the “first plane”

double vehicle_line_width {2.0}

Robot line width for visualization - default 2.0.

bool draw_obstacles {true}