struct mrpt::nav::PlannerRRT_SE2_TPS::TPlannerResult


#include <mrpt/nav/planners/PlannerRRT_SE2_TPS.h>

struct TPlannerResult: public mrpt::nav::TPlannerResultTempl
    // fields

    bool success;
    double computation_time;
    double goal_distance;
    double path_cost;
    mrpt::graphs::TNodeID best_goal_node_id;
    std::set<mrpt::graphs::TNodeID> acceptable_goal_node_ids;
    TMoveTreeSE2_TP move_tree;


bool success

Whether the target was reached or not.

double computation_time

Time spent (in secs)

double goal_distance

Distance from best found path to goal.

double path_cost

Total cost of the best found path (cost ~~ Euclidean distance)

mrpt::graphs::TNodeID best_goal_node_id

The ID of the best target node in the tree.

std::set<mrpt::graphs::TNodeID> acceptable_goal_node_ids

The set of target nodes within an acceptable distance to target (including best_goal_node_id and others)

TMoveTreeSE2_TP move_tree

The generated motion tree that explores free space starting at “start”.