struct mrpt::nav::CLogFileRecord::TInfoPerPTG


The structure used to store all relevant information about each transformation into TP-Space.


#include <mrpt/nav/reactive/CLogFileRecord.h>

struct TInfoPerPTG
    // fields

    std::string PTG_desc;
    mrpt::math::CVectorFloat TP_Obstacles;
    std::vector<mrpt::math::TPoint2D> TP_Targets;
    mrpt::math::TPoint2D TP_Robot;
    double timeForTPObsTransformation;
    double timeForHolonomicMethod;
    double desiredDirection;
    double desiredSpeed;
    double evaluation;
    std::map<std::string, double> evalFactors;
    CHolonomicLogFileRecord::Ptr HLFR;
    mrpt::nav::CParameterizedTrajectoryGenerator::Ptr ptg;
    mrpt::nav::ClearanceDiagram clearance;


std::string PTG_desc

A short description for the applied PTG.

mrpt::math::CVectorFloat TP_Obstacles

Distances until obstacles, in “pseudometers”, first index for -PI direction, last one for PI direction.

std::vector<mrpt::math::TPoint2D> TP_Targets

Target(s) location in TP-Space.

mrpt::math::TPoint2D TP_Robot

Robot location in TP-Space: normally (0,0), except during “NOP cmd vel” steps.

double timeForTPObsTransformation

Time, in seconds.

double desiredDirection

The results from the holonomic method.

double evaluation

Final score of this candidate.

std::map<std::string, double> evalFactors

Evaluation factors.

CHolonomicLogFileRecord::Ptr HLFR

Other useful info about holonomic method execution.

mrpt::nav::CParameterizedTrajectoryGenerator::Ptr ptg

Only for the FIRST entry in a log file, this will contain a copy of the PTG with trajectories, suitable to render trajectories, etc.

mrpt::nav::ClearanceDiagram clearance

Clearance for each path.