struct mrpt::nav::TRobotShape


A 3D robot shape stored as a “sliced” stack of 2D polygons, used for CReactiveNavigationSystem3D Depending on each PTG, only the 2D polygon or the circular radius will be taken into account.

#include <mrpt/nav/reactive/CReactiveNavigationSystem3D.h>

struct TRobotShape
    // methods

    size_t size() const;
    void resize(size_t num_levels);
    const mrpt::math::CPolygon& polygon(size_t level) const;
    double getRadius(size_t level) const;
    double getHeight(size_t level) const;
    mrpt::math::CPolygon& polygon(size_t level);

    void setRadius(
        size_t level,
        double r

    void setHeight(
        size_t level,
        double h

    const std::vector<double>& getHeights() const;