template struct mrpt::bayes::CParticleFilterDataImpl


A curiously recurring template pattern (CRTP) approach to providing the basic functionality of any CParticleFilterData<> class.

Users should inherit from CParticleFilterData<>, which in turn will automatically inhirit from this base class.

See also:

CParticleFilter, CParticleFilterCapable, CParticleFilterData

#include <mrpt/bayes/CParticleFilterData.h>

template <class Derived, class particle_list_t>
struct CParticleFilterDataImpl: public mrpt::bayes::CParticleFilterCapable

// direct descendants

class CMultiMetricMapPDF;
class CPointPDFParticles;
class CPose3DPDFParticles;
class CPosePDFParticles;

Inherited Members

    // structs

    struct TFastDrawAuxVars;

    // methods

    virtual double getW(size_t i) const = 0;
    virtual void setW(size_t i, double w) = 0;
    virtual size_t particlesCount() const = 0;
    virtual void performSubstitution(const std::vector<size_t>& indx) = 0;
    virtual double normalizeWeights(double* out_max_log_w = nullptr) = 0;
    virtual double ESS() const = 0;