class mrpt::apps::MonteCarloLocalization_Base


MonteCarlo (Particle filter) localization wrapper class for CLI or custom applications: virtual base class, which can be used as base for custom user robotic applications.

#include <mrpt/apps/MonteCarloLocalization_App.h>

class MonteCarloLocalization_Base:
    public mrpt::system::COutputLogger,
    public mrpt::apps::BaseAppInitializableCLI,
    public mrpt::apps::BaseAppDataSource
    // fields

    mrpt::config::CConfigFileMemory params;
    bool allow_quit_on_esc_key = true;
    bool fill_out_estimated_path = false;
    mrpt::poses::CPose3DInterpolator out_estimated_path;
    static constexpr static auto sect = "LocalizationExperiment";

    // construction


    // methods

    void initialize(int argc, const char** argv);
    void run();

// direct descendants

class MonteCarloLocalization_Rawlog;

Inherited Members

    // structs

    struct TMsg;


mrpt::config::CConfigFileMemory params

Populated in initialize().

Can be replaced or manipulated by the user after that and before run() to change the parameters loaded from INI file.

bool allow_quit_on_esc_key = true

If true, will watch the keyboard and quit when ESC is pushed.

bool fill_out_estimated_path = false

Whether to populate out_estimated_path.

mrpt::poses::CPose3DInterpolator out_estimated_path

Controlled by flag fill_out_estimated_path

static constexpr static auto sect = "LocalizationExperiment"

Default name of the main configuration section in INI files for this app.


void initialize(int argc, const char** argv)

Initializes the application from CLI parameters.

Refer to the manpage of pf-localization. Throws on errors.

void run()

Runs with the current parameter set.

Throws on errors.