struct mrpt::nav::CAbstractHolonomicReactiveMethod::NavOutput


Output for CAbstractHolonomicReactiveMethod::navigate()

#include <mrpt/nav/holonomic/CAbstractHolonomicReactiveMethod.h>

struct NavOutput
    // fields

    double desiredDirection {0};
    double desiredSpeed {0};
    CHolonomicLogFileRecord::Ptr logRecord;

    // construction



double desiredDirection {0}

The desired motion direction, in the range [-PI, PI].

double desiredSpeed {0}

The desired motion speed in that direction, from 0 up to NavInput::maxRobotSpeed.

CHolonomicLogFileRecord::Ptr logRecord

The navigation method will create a log record and store it here via a smart pointer.

Input value is ignored.