Environment variables that MRPT looks for

The following environment variables may be set to alter some MRPT functionality. Note that for Boolean flags, the strings true, True, or any nonzero numerical value (e.g. 1) will be interpreted as “true”.

  • MRPT_BACKTRACE_PRINT_ADDRESS: Set to 1 to show PC (program pointer) addresses in mrpt::TCallStackBackTrace::asString() (e.g. in exception backtraces).

  • MRPT_BACKTRACE_DISABLE_BFD: Set to 1 to disable using BFD while generating stack backtraces in mrpt::callStackBackTrace(), falling back to dladdr().

  • MRPT_CCAMERA_KINECT_TIMEOUT_MS: Timeout in milliseconds to wait for a new frame from a Kinect sensor when using the method mrpt::hwdrivers::CCamera::getNextFrame(). Default: 3000.

  • MRPT_DEBUG_IMG_LAZY_LOAD: Shows std::cout traces whenever an mrpt::img::CImage with delay-load content is created, loaded, or destructed.

  • MRPT_DEBUG_OBSIMG_LAZY_LOAD: Shows std::cout traces whenever an mrpt::obs::CObservationImage with delay-load content is loaded or unloaded.

  • MRPT_DEBUG_OBSPTS_LAZY_LOAD: Shows std::cout traces whenever an mrpt::obs::CObservationPointCloud with delay-load content is loaded or unloaded.

  • MRPT_EXPR_VERBOSE: Set to 1 to enable extra verbose debug traces for mrpt::expr::CRuntimeCompiledExpression::eval().

  • MRPT_FBORENDER_SHOW_DEVICES: If set to true, mrpt::opengl::CFBORender will print the number of detected GPU devices to the console upon constructions.

  • MRPT_FBORENDER_USE_LUT: If set to false, mrpt::opengl::CFBORender will never use the discretized LUT to convert OpenGL depth values to linear distances, but the exact (slower for large images) formula.

  • MRPT_HWDRIVERS_DEFAULT_LEAP_SECONDS: In mrpt::hwdrivers::CGPSInterface, the default offset from GPS time to UTC time, for use before any GNSS especific message informs on this offset. Default: 17 (valid for 01/2016)

  • MRPT_HWDRIVERS_VERBOSE: Set to 1 to enable verbose output to std::cout from all mrpt::hwdrivers classes. Default: 0.

  • MRPT_OPENGL_DEBUG_SHOW_SHADOW_MAP: Set to 1 to show an overlay image of the shadow depth map whenever rendering with shadows enabled.

  • MRPT_REVEAL_OPENGL_BUFFER_LEAKS: If enabled, prints warnings whenever an OpenGL resource is destroyed from a thread different to that one on which it was created. Trying to destroy such a resource would lead to a SEGFAULT, so the destroy is silently skipped. Since this might lead to memory and resource leaks, this variable helps debugging wrong application designs where resources are not created and destroyed from the main OpenGL thread.

  • MRPT_WXSUBSYS_TIMEOUT_MS: The timeout in milliseconds to wait in mrpt::gui windows constructors until the wxWidgets thread processes and really creates the window, before reporting an error. It’s also used in the function mrpt::hwdrivers::prepareVideoSourceFromUserSelection(). Default: 5000 in Release builds, 30000 in Debug builds.

  • MRPT_YAML_PARSER_VERBOSE: Set to 1 to show verbose debug information about YAML document parsing in mrpt::containers::yaml.