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mrpt::graphslam Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

SLAM methods related to graphs of pose constraints.

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 Internal auxiliary classes.


class  CGraphSlamEngine
 Main file for the GraphSlamEngine. More...
class  CRegistrationDeciderOrOptimizer
 Interface for implementing node/edge registration deciders or optimizer classes. More...
class  CWindowManager
 Class acts as a container for storing pointers to mrpt::gui::CDisplayWindow3D, mrpt::graphslam::CWindowObserver instances. More...
class  CWindowObserver
 Monitor events in the visualization window. More...
struct  graphslam_traits
 Auxiliary traits template for use among graph-slam problems to make life easier with these complicated, long data type names. More...
struct  TResultInfoSpaLevMarq
 Output information for mrpt::graphslam::optimize_graph_spa_levmarq() More...
struct  TSlidingWindow
 Class to monitor the evolution of a statistical quantity. More...
struct  TUncertaintyPath
 Holds the data of an information path. More...


template<class GRAPH_T >
void optimize_graph_spa_levmarq (GRAPH_T &graph, TResultInfoSpaLevMarq &out_info, const std::set< mrpt::utils::TNodeID > *in_nodes_to_optimize=NULL, const mrpt::utils::TParametersDouble &extra_params=mrpt::utils::TParametersDouble(), typename graphslam_traits< GRAPH_T >::TFunctorFeedback functor_feedback=NULL)
 Optimize a graph of pose constraints using the Sparse Pose Adjustment (SPA) sparse representation and a Levenberg-Marquardt optimizer. More...
template<class GRAPH_T >
double computeJacobiansAndErrors (const GRAPH_T &graph, const std::vector< typename graphslam_traits< GRAPH_T >::observation_info_t > &lstObservationData, typename graphslam_traits< GRAPH_T >::map_pairIDs_pairJacobs_t &lstJacobians, typename mrpt::aligned_containers< typename graphslam_traits< GRAPH_T >::Array_O >::vector_t &errs)

Function Documentation

◆ computeJacobiansAndErrors()

template<class GRAPH_T >
double mrpt::graphslam::computeJacobiansAndErrors ( const GRAPH_T &  graph,
const std::vector< typename graphslam_traits< GRAPH_T >::observation_info_t > &  lstObservationData,
typename graphslam_traits< GRAPH_T >::map_pairIDs_pairJacobs_t &  lstJacobians,
typename mrpt::aligned_containers< typename graphslam_traits< GRAPH_T >::Array_O >::vector_t &  errs 

Definition at line 212 of file levmarq_impl.h.


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