struct mrpt::hwdrivers::CHokuyoURG::TSensorInfo


Used in CHokuyoURG::displayVersionInfo.

#include <mrpt/hwdrivers/CHokuyoURG.h>

struct TSensorInfo
    // fields

    std::string model;
    double d_min {0};
    double d_max {0};
    int scans_per_360deg {0};
    int scan_first {0};
    int scan_last {0};
    int scan_front {0};
    int motor_speed_rpm {0};


std::string model

The sensor model.

double d_min {0}

Min/Max ranges, in meters.

int scans_per_360deg {0}

Number of measuremens per 360 degrees.

int scan_first {0}

First, last, and front step of the scanner angular span.

int motor_speed_rpm {0}

Standard motor speed, rpm.