Basic computer vision data structures and tools: bitmap images, canvas, color maps, and pinhole camera models.

Library mrpt-img

This C++ library is part of MRPT and can be installed in Debian-based systems with:

sudo apt install libmrpt-img-dev

Read also how to import MRPT into your CMake scripts.

Find below some examples of use.

Image handling

The class mrpt::img::CImage represents a wrapper around OpenCV images, plus extra functionality such as on-the-fly loading of images stored in disk upon first usage. The cv::Mat object is always available so OpenCV’s functions can be still used to operate on MRPT images.

Library contents

// enums

enum mrpt::img::DistortionModel;
enum mrpt::img::TInterpolationMethod;

// structs

struct mrpt::img::TColor;
struct mrpt::img::TColorf;

// classes

class mrpt::img::CCanvas;
class mrpt::img::CEnhancedMetaFile;
class mrpt::img::CImage;
class mrpt::img::CMappedImage;
class mrpt::img::TCamera;

// global functions

void mrpt::img::registerAllClasses_mrpt_img();

Global Functions

void mrpt::img::registerAllClasses_mrpt_img()

Forces manual RTTI registration of all serializable classes in this namespace.

Should never be required to be explicitly called by users, except if building MRPT as a static library.