struct mrpt::hwdrivers::TCaptureOptions_dc1394


Options used when creating an dc1394 capture object All but the frame size, framerate, and color_coding can be changed dynamically by CImageGrabber_dc1394::changeCaptureOptions.

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#include <mrpt/hwdrivers/CImageGrabber_dc1394.h>

struct TCaptureOptions_dc1394
    // fields

    int frame_width {640};
    int frame_height {480};
    grabber_dc1394_framerate_t framerate {FRAMERATE_15};
    grabber_dc1394_color_coding_t color_coding {COLOR_CODING_YUV422};
    int mode7 {-1};
    int shutter {-1};
    int gain {-1};
    int gamma {-1};
    int brightness {-1};
    int exposure {-1};
    int sharpness {-1};
    int white_balance {-1};
    int shutter_mode {-1};
    int gain_mode {-1};
    int gamma_mode {-1};
    int brightness_mode {-1};
    int exposure_mode {-1};
    int sharpness_mode {-1};
    int white_balance_mode {-1};
    bool deinterlace_stereo {false};
    int trigger_power {-1};
    int trigger_mode {-1};
    int trigger_source {-1};
    int trigger_polarity {-1};
    int ring_buffer_size {15};

    // construction



int frame_width {640}

Capture resolution (Default: 640x480)

int mode7 {-1}

-1: Normal mode, i>=0: use MODE7_i, then frame_width/height and color_coding are ignored.

int shutter {-1}

Shutter, -1=default:Do not change.

int gain {-1}

Gain, -1=default:Do not change.

int gamma {-1}

Gamma, -1=default:Do not change.

int brightness {-1}

Brightness, -1=default:Do not change.

int exposure {-1}

Exposure, -1=default:Do not change.

int sharpness {-1}

Sharpness, -1=default:Do not change.

int white_balance {-1}

White balance, -1=default:Do not change.

int shutter_mode {-1}

Shutter mode, -1=default:Do not change.

int gain_mode {-1}

Gain mode, -1=default:Do not change.

int gamma_mode {-1}

Gamma mode, -1=default:Do not change.

int brightness_mode {-1}

Brightness mode, -1=default:Do not change.

int exposure_mode {-1}

Exposure mode, -1=default:Do not change.

int sharpness_mode {-1}

Sharpness mode, -1=default:Do not change.

int white_balance_mode {-1}

White balance mode, -1=default:Do not change.

bool deinterlace_stereo {false}

For stereo cameras (eg PR Bumblebee)

int ring_buffer_size {15}

Size of the libdc1394 ring buffer.