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xstypedefs.h File Reference
#include "xstypesconfig.h"
#include <stddef.h>
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#define XS_ENUM_TO_STR_CASE(value)   case value: return #value;


typedef double XsReal
 Defines the floating point type used by the Xsens libraries. More...
typedef size_t XsSize
 XsSize must be unsigned number! More...
typedef enum XsDataFlags XsDataFlags
typedef int BOOL


enum  XsDataFlags { XSDF_None = 0, XSDF_Managed = 1, XSDF_FixedSize = 2, XSDF_Empty = 4 }
 These flags define the behaviour of data contained by Xsens data structures. More...


XSTYPES_DLL_API const char * XsDataFlags_toString (XsDataFlags f)

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#define XS_ENUM_TO_STR_CASE (   value)    case value: return #value;

Definition at line 74 of file xstypedefs.h.

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typedef int BOOL

Definition at line 62 of file xstypedefs.h.

◆ XsDataFlags

typedef enum XsDataFlags XsDataFlags

Definition at line 44 of file xstypedefs.h.

◆ XsReal

typedef double XsReal

Defines the floating point type used by the Xsens libraries.

Definition at line 16 of file xstypedefs.h.

◆ XsSize

typedef size_t XsSize

XsSize must be unsigned number!

Definition at line 17 of file xstypedefs.h.

Function Documentation

◆ XsDataFlags_toString()

XSTYPES_DLL_API const char* XsDataFlags_toString ( XsDataFlags  f)

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