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mrpt::nav::CWaypointsNavigator::TNavigationParamsWaypoints Struct Reference

Detailed Description

The struct for configuring navigation requests to CWaypointsNavigator and derived classes.

Definition at line 37 of file CWaypointsNavigator.h.

#include <mrpt/nav/reactive/CWaypointsNavigator.h>

Inheritance diagram for mrpt::nav::CWaypointsNavigator::TNavigationParamsWaypoints:
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Public Member Functions

virtual std::string getAsText () const MRPT_OVERRIDE
 Gets navigation params as a human-readable format. More...
virtual TNavigationParamsclone () const MRPT_OVERRIDE

Public Attributes

std::vector< mrpt::nav::CAbstractNavigator::TargetInfomultiple_targets
 If not empty, this will prevail over the base class single goal target. More...
TargetInfo target
 Navigation target. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool isEqual (const CAbstractNavigator::TNavigationParamsBase &o) const MRPT_OVERRIDE

Member Function Documentation

◆ clone()

virtual TNavigationParams* mrpt::nav::CWaypointsNavigator::TNavigationParamsWaypoints::clone ( ) const

◆ getAsText()

std::string CWaypointsNavigator::TNavigationParamsWaypoints::getAsText ( ) const

Gets navigation params as a human-readable format.

Reimplemented from mrpt::nav::CAbstractNavigator::TNavigationParams.

Reimplemented in mrpt::nav::CAbstractPTGBasedReactive::TNavigationParamsPTG.

Definition at line 19 of file CWaypointsNavigator.cpp.

References mrpt::mrpt::format().

◆ isEqual()

bool CWaypointsNavigator::TNavigationParamsWaypoints::isEqual ( const CAbstractNavigator::TNavigationParamsBase o) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ multiple_targets

std::vector<mrpt::nav::CAbstractNavigator::TargetInfo> mrpt::nav::CWaypointsNavigator::TNavigationParamsWaypoints::multiple_targets

If not empty, this will prevail over the base class single goal target.

Semantic is: any of these targets will be good for heading the robot towards them, but the priority is for the latest ones in the sequence.

Definition at line 42 of file CWaypointsNavigator.h.

Referenced by mrpt::nav::CWaypointsNavigator::waypoints_navigationStep().

◆ target

TargetInfo mrpt::nav::CAbstractNavigator::TNavigationParams::target

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