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jpeg_component_info Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 113 of file mrpt_jpeglib.h.

#include <utils/jpeglib/mrpt_jpeglib.h>

Public Attributes

int component_id
int component_index
int h_samp_factor
int v_samp_factor
int quant_tbl_no
int dc_tbl_no
int ac_tbl_no
JDIMENSION width_in_blocks
JDIMENSION height_in_blocks
int DCT_scaled_size
JDIMENSION downsampled_width
JDIMENSION downsampled_height
boolean component_needed
int MCU_width
int MCU_height
int MCU_blocks
int MCU_sample_width
int last_col_width
int last_row_height

Member Data Documentation

◆ ac_tbl_no

int jpeg_component_info::ac_tbl_no

◆ component_id

int jpeg_component_info::component_id

Definition at line 117 of file mrpt_jpeglib.h.

Referenced by emit_sof(), emit_sos(), get_sof(), get_sos(), and jpeg_copy_critical_parameters().

◆ component_index

int jpeg_component_info::component_index

◆ component_needed

boolean jpeg_component_info::component_needed

◆ dc_tbl_no

int jpeg_component_info::dc_tbl_no

◆ DCT_scaled_size

int jpeg_component_info::DCT_scaled_size

◆ dct_table

void* jpeg_component_info::dct_table

◆ downsampled_height

JDIMENSION jpeg_component_info::downsampled_height

Definition at line 152 of file mrpt_jpeglib.h.

Referenced by initial_setup(), jpeg_calc_output_dimensions(), and set_bottom_pointers().

◆ downsampled_width

JDIMENSION jpeg_component_info::downsampled_width

◆ h_samp_factor

int jpeg_component_info::h_samp_factor

◆ height_in_blocks

JDIMENSION jpeg_component_info::height_in_blocks

◆ last_col_width

int jpeg_component_info::last_col_width

Definition at line 165 of file mrpt_jpeglib.h.

Referenced by compress_data(), compress_output(), decompress_onepass(), and per_scan_setup().

◆ last_row_height

int jpeg_component_info::last_row_height

Definition at line 166 of file mrpt_jpeglib.h.

Referenced by per_scan_setup().

◆ MCU_blocks

int jpeg_component_info::MCU_blocks

Definition at line 163 of file mrpt_jpeglib.h.

Referenced by decompress_onepass(), and per_scan_setup().

◆ MCU_height

int jpeg_component_info::MCU_height

◆ MCU_sample_width

int jpeg_component_info::MCU_sample_width

Definition at line 164 of file mrpt_jpeglib.h.

Referenced by compress_data(), decompress_onepass(), and per_scan_setup().

◆ MCU_width

int jpeg_component_info::MCU_width

◆ quant_table

JQUANT_TBL* jpeg_component_info::quant_table

◆ quant_tbl_no

int jpeg_component_info::quant_tbl_no

◆ v_samp_factor

int jpeg_component_info::v_samp_factor

◆ width_in_blocks

JDIMENSION jpeg_component_info::width_in_blocks

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