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jinclude.h File Reference
#include "mrpt_jconfig.h"
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
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#define JCONFIG_INCLUDED   /* so that mrpt_jpeglib.h doesn't do it again */
#define MEMZERO(target, size)   memset((void *)(target), 0, (size_t)(size))
#define MEMCOPY(dest, src, size)   memcpy((void *)(dest), (const void *)(src), (size_t)(size))
#define SIZEOF(object)   ((size_t) sizeof(object))
#define JFREAD(file, buf, sizeofbuf)   ((size_t) fread((void *) (buf), (size_t) 1, (size_t) (sizeofbuf), (file)))
#define JFWRITE(file, buf, sizeofbuf)   ((size_t) fwrite((const void *) (buf), (size_t) 1, (size_t) (sizeofbuf), (file)))

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#define JCONFIG_INCLUDED   /* so that mrpt_jpeglib.h doesn't do it again */

Definition at line 14 of file jinclude.h.


#define JFREAD (   file,
)    ((size_t) fread((void *) (buf), (size_t) 1, (size_t) (sizeofbuf), (file)))

Definition at line 81 of file jinclude.h.

Referenced by fill_input_buffer().


#define JFWRITE (   file,
)    ((size_t) fwrite((const void *) (buf), (size_t) 1, (size_t) (sizeofbuf), (file)))

Definition at line 83 of file jinclude.h.

Referenced by empty_output_buffer(), and term_destination().


#define MEMCOPY (   dest,
)    memcpy((void *)(dest), (const void *)(src), (size_t)(size))


#define MEMZERO (   target,
)    memset((void *)(target), 0, (size_t)(size))


#define SIZEOF (   object)    ((size_t) sizeof(object))

Definition at line 73 of file jinclude.h.

Referenced by access_virt_barray(), access_virt_sarray(), add_huff_table(), alloc_barray(), alloc_fs_workspace(), alloc_funny_pointers(), alloc_large(), alloc_sarray(), alloc_small(), build_ycc_rgb_table(), compress_data(), compress_first_pass(), create_context_buffer(), decompress_onepass(), do_barray_io(), do_sarray_io(), finish_pass_gather(), finish_pass_gather_phuff(), free_pool(), get_dht(), get_sof(), init_destination(), init_error_limit(), jcopy_block_row(), jcopy_sample_rows(), jinit_1pass_quantizer(), jinit_2pass_quantizer(), jinit_c_coef_controller(), jinit_c_main_controller(), jinit_c_master_control(), jinit_c_prep_controller(), jinit_color_converter(), jinit_color_deconverter(), jinit_d_coef_controller(), jinit_d_main_controller(), jinit_d_post_controller(), jinit_downsampler(), jinit_forward_dct(), jinit_huff_decoder(), jinit_huff_encoder(), jinit_input_controller(), jinit_inverse_dct(), jinit_marker_reader(), jinit_marker_writer(), jinit_master_decompress(), jinit_memory_mgr(), jinit_merged_upsampler(), jinit_phuff_decoder(), jinit_phuff_encoder(), jinit_upsampler(), jpeg_alloc_huff_table(), jpeg_alloc_quant_table(), jpeg_copy_critical_parameters(), jpeg_CreateCompress(), jpeg_CreateDecompress(), jpeg_gen_optimal_table(), jpeg_make_c_derived_tbl(), jpeg_make_d_derived_tbl(), jpeg_save_markers(), jpeg_set_defaults(), jpeg_simple_progression(), jpeg_stdio_dest(), jpeg_stdio_src(), latch_quant_tables(), make_odither_array(), prepare_range_limit_table(), quantize_fs_dither(), quantize_ord_dither(), realize_virt_arrays(), request_virt_barray(), request_virt_sarray(), rgb_ycc_start(), save_marker(), select_colors(), self_destruct(), smoothing_ok(), start_pass_1_quant(), start_pass_2_quant(), start_pass_fdctmgr(), start_pass_huff(), start_pass_phuff(), and transencode_coef_controller().

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