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mrpt::hwdrivers::CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394 Class Reference

Detailed Description

Grabs from a "Bumblebee" or "Bumblebee2" stereo camera using raw access to the libdc1394 library.

Only raw, unrectified images can be captured with this class, which can be manually rectified given correct calibration parameters.

See mrpt::hwdrivers::CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee for another class capable of live capture of rectified images using the vendor (PointGreyResearch) Triclops API.

Once connected to a camera, you can call getStereoObservation() to retrieve the stereo images.

See also
You'll probably want to use instead the most generic camera grabber in MRPT: mrpt::hwdrivers::CCameraSensor

Definition at line 34 of file CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394.h.

#include <mrpt/hwdrivers/CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394.h>

Inheritance diagram for mrpt::hwdrivers::CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394:
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Public Member Functions

 CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394 (uint64_t cameraGUID, uint16_t cameraUnit, double frameRate)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394 (void)
 Destructor. More...
bool getStereoObservation (mrpt::obs::CObservationStereoImages &out_observation)
 Grab stereo images, and return the pair of rectified images. More...

Protected Attributes

 The actual capture object used in Linux / Mac. More...
bool m_bInitialized
 If this has been correctly initiated. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394()

CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394::CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394 ( uint64_t  cameraGUID,
uint16_t  cameraUnit,
double  frameRate 

◆ ~CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394()

CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394::~CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394 ( void  )


Definition at line 54 of file CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394.cpp.

References m_firewire_capture.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getStereoObservation()

bool CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394::getStereoObservation ( mrpt::obs::CObservationStereoImages out_observation)

Grab stereo images, and return the pair of rectified images.

out_observationThe object to be filled with sensed data.
The member "CObservationStereoImages::refCameraPose" must be set on the return of this method by the user, since we don't know here the robot physical structure.
false on any error, true if all go fine.

Definition at line 66 of file CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394.cpp.

References mrpt::hwdrivers::CImageGrabber_dc1394::getObservation(), mrpt::hwdrivers::CImageGrabber_dc1394::isOpen(), and m_firewire_capture.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_bInitialized

bool mrpt::hwdrivers::CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394::m_bInitialized

If this has been correctly initiated.

Definition at line 56 of file CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394.h.

◆ m_firewire_capture

mrpt::hwdrivers::CImageGrabber_dc1394* mrpt::hwdrivers::CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394::m_firewire_capture

The actual capture object used in Linux / Mac.

Definition at line 54 of file CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394.h.

Referenced by CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394(), getStereoObservation(), and ~CStereoGrabber_Bumblebee_libdc1394().

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