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1 /* +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+
2  | Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) |
3  | |
4  | |
5  | Copyright (c) 2005-2017, Individual contributors, see AUTHORS file |
6  | See: - All rights reserved. |
7  | Released under BSD License. See details in |
8  +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ */
9 #ifndef CPosePDFGrid_H
10 #define CPosePDFGrid_H
12 #include <mrpt/poses/CPosePDF.h>
14 #include <mrpt/utils/bits.h> // DEG2RAD()
16 namespace mrpt
17 {
18 namespace poses
19 {
20  // This must be added to any CSerializable derived class:
23  /** Declares a class that represents a Probability Distribution
24  * function (PDF) of a 2D pose (x,y,phi).
25  * This class implements that PDF using a 3D grid.
26  *
27  * \sa CPose2D, CPosePDF, CPose2DGridTemplate
28  * \ingroup poses_pdf_grp
29  */
30  class BASE_IMPEXP CPosePDFGrid : public CPosePDF, public CPose2DGridTemplate<double>
31  {
32  // This must be added to any CSerializable derived class:
35  protected:
38  public:
39  /** Constructor: Initializes a, uniform distribution over the whole given range.
40  */
42  double xMin = -1.0f,
43  double xMax = 1.0f,
44  double yMin = -1.0f,
45  double yMax = 1.0f,
46  double resolutionXY = 0.5f,
47  double resolutionPhi = mrpt::utils::DEG2RAD(180),
48  double phiMin = -M_PIf,
49  double phiMax = M_PIf
50  );
52  virtual ~CPosePDFGrid(); //!< Destructor
54  void copyFrom(const CPosePDF &o) MRPT_OVERRIDE; //!< Copy operator, translating if necesary (for example, between particles and gaussian representations)
56  void normalize(); //!< Normalizes the PDF, such as all cells sum the unity.
57  void uniformDistribution(); //!< Assigns the same value to all the cells in the grid, so the sum 1.
58  void getMean(CPose2D &mean_pose) const MRPT_OVERRIDE; //!< Returns an estimate of the pose, (the mean, or mathematical expectation of the PDF). \sa getCovariance
59  void getCovarianceAndMean(mrpt::math::CMatrixDouble33 &cov,CPose2D &mean_point) const MRPT_OVERRIDE; //!< Returns an estimate of the pose covariance matrix (3x3 cov matrix) and the mean, both at once. \sa getMean
60  void saveToTextFile(const std::string &dataFile) const MRPT_OVERRIDE; //!< Save the contents of the 3D grid in one file, as a vertical concatenation of rectangular matrix for the different "PHI" discrete levels, and the size in X,Y,and PHI in another file named "<filename>_dims.txt"
62  /** this = p (+) this. This can be used to convert a PDF from local coordinates to global, providing the point (newReferenceBase) from which
63  * "to project" the current pdf. Result PDF substituted the currently stored one in the object. */
64  void changeCoordinatesReference( const CPose3D &newReferenceBase ) MRPT_OVERRIDE;
65  void bayesianFusion(const CPosePDF &p1,const CPosePDF &p2, const double &minMahalanobisDistToDrop = 0 ) MRPT_OVERRIDE; //!< Bayesian fusion of 2 densities (In the grid representation this becomes a pointwise multiplication)
66  void inverse(CPosePDF &o) const MRPT_OVERRIDE; //!< Returns a new PDF such as: NEW_PDF = (0,0,0) - THIS_PDF
67  void drawSingleSample( CPose2D &outPart ) const MRPT_OVERRIDE; //!< Draws a single sample from the distribution (WARNING: weights are assumed to be normalized!)
68  void drawManySamples( size_t N, std::vector<mrpt::math::CVectorDouble> & outSamples ) const MRPT_OVERRIDE; //!< Draws a number of samples from the distribution, and saves as a list of 1x3 vectors, where each row contains a (x,y,phi) datum.
70  }; // End of class def.
72  } // End of namespace
73 } // End of namespace
74 #endif
double DEG2RAD(const double x)
Degrees to radians.
C++11 "override" for virtuals:
void saveToTextFile(const std::string &file, mrpt::math::TMatrixTextFileFormat fileFormat=mrpt::math::MATRIX_FORMAT_ENG, bool appendMRPTHeader=false, const std::string &userHeader=std::string()) const
Save matrix to a text file, compatible with MATLAB text format (see also the methods of matrix classe...
STL namespace.
#define M_PIf
Eigen::Matrix< typename MATRIX::Scalar, MATRIX::ColsAtCompileTime, MATRIX::ColsAtCompileTime > cov(const MATRIX &v)
Computes the covariance matrix from a list of samples in an NxM matrix, where each row is a sample...
Definition: ops_matrices.h:135
Eigen::Matrix< dataType, 4, 4 > inverse(Eigen::Matrix< dataType, 4, 4 > &pose)
Definition: Miscellaneous.h:74
#define DEFINE_SERIALIZABLE_PRE_CUSTOM_BASE(class_name, base_name)
This declaration must be inserted in all CSerializable classes definition, before the class declarati...
GLsizei const GLchar ** string
Definition: glext.h:3919
Declares a class that represents a probability density function (pdf) of a 2D pose (x...
Definition: CPosePDF.h:39
void normalize(Scalar valMin, Scalar valMax)
Scales all elements such as the minimum & maximum values are shifted to the given values...
This is the global namespace for all Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) libraries.
#define DEFINE_SERIALIZABLE(class_name)
This declaration must be inserted in all CSerializable classes definition, within the class declarati...
A class used to store a 2D pose, including the 2D coordinate point and a heading (phi) angle...
Definition: CPose2D.h:36
A class used to store a 3D pose (a 3D translation + a rotation in 3D).
Definition: CPose3D.h:72
#define DEFINE_SERIALIZABLE_POST_CUSTOM_BASE(class_name, base_name)
dynamic_vector< double > CVectorDouble
Column vector, like Eigen::MatrixXd, but automatically initialized to zeros since construction...
Definition: eigen_frwds.h:37
Declares a class that represents a Probability Distribution function (PDF) of a 2D pose (x...
Definition: CPosePDFGrid.h:30
This is a template class for storing a 3D (2D+heading) grid containing any kind of data...

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