struct mrpt::vision::TImageCalibData


Data associated to each image in the calibration process mrpt::vision::checkerBoardCameraCalibration (All the information can be left empty and will be filled up in the calibration method).

#include <mrpt/vision/chessboard_camera_calib.h>

struct TImageCalibData
    // fields

    mrpt::img::CImage img_original;
    mrpt::img::CImage img_checkboard;
    mrpt::img::CImage img_rectified;
    std::vector<mrpt::img::TPixelCoordf> detected_corners;
    mrpt::poses::CPose3D reconstructed_camera_pose;
    std::vector<mrpt::img::TPixelCoordf> projectedPoints_distorted;
    std::vector<mrpt::img::TPixelCoordf> projectedPoints_undistorted;

    // methods

    void clear();


mrpt::img::CImage img_original

This image will be automatically loaded from the file name passed to checkerBoardCameraCalibration.

mrpt::img::CImage img_checkboard

At output, this will contain the detected checkerboard overprinted to the image.

mrpt::img::CImage img_rectified

At output, this will be the rectified image.

std::vector<mrpt::img::TPixelCoordf> detected_corners

At output, the detected corners (x,y) in pixel units.

mrpt::poses::CPose3D reconstructed_camera_pose

At output, the reconstructed pose of the camera.

std::vector<mrpt::img::TPixelCoordf> projectedPoints_distorted

At output, only will have an empty vector if the checkerboard was not found in this image, or the predicted (reprojected) corners, which were used to estimate the average square error.

std::vector<mrpt::img::TPixelCoordf> projectedPoints_undistorted

At output, like projectedPoints_distorted but for the undistorted image.


void clear()

Empty all the data.