struct mrpt::nav::TMoveEdgeSE2_TP


An edge for the move tree used for planning in SE2 and TP-space.

#include <mrpt/nav/planners/TMoveTree.h>

struct TMoveEdgeSE2_TP
    // fields

    mrpt::graphs::TNodeID parent_id = mrpt::graphs::INVALID_NODEID;
    mrpt::math::TPose2D end_state;
    double cost;
    int ptg_index;
    int ptg_K;
    double ptg_dist;

    // construction


        const mrpt::graphs::TNodeID parent_id_,
        const mrpt::math::TPose2D end_pose_


mrpt::graphs::TNodeID parent_id = mrpt::graphs::INVALID_NODEID

The ID of the parent node in the tree.

mrpt::math::TPose2D end_state

state in SE2 as 2D pose (x, y, phi) -

: it is not possible to initialize a motion without a state

double cost

cost associated to each motion, this should be defined by the user according to a spefic cost function

int ptg_index

indicate the type of trajectory used for this motion

int ptg_K

identify the trajectory number K of the type ptg_index

double ptg_dist

identify the lenght of the trajectory for this motion