struct mrpt::math::CLevenbergMarquardtTempl::TResultInfo


#include <mrpt/math/CLevenbergMarquardt.h>

struct TResultInfo
    // fields

    NUMTYPE final_sqr_err = 0;
    NUMTYPE initial_sqr_err = 0;
    size_t iterations_executed = 0;
    VECTORTYPE last_err_vector;
    matrix_t path;
    matrix_t H;


VECTORTYPE last_err_vector

The last error vector returned by the user-provided functor.

matrix_t path

Each row is the optimized value at each iteration.

matrix_t H

This matrix can be used to obtain an estimate of the optimal parameters covariance matrix:

\[COV = H M H^\top\]

With COV the covariance matrix of the optimal parameters, H this matrix, and M the covariance of the input (observations).