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XMLNodeContents Struct Reference

Detailed Description

This structure is given by the function XMLNode::enumContents.

Definition at line 940 of file xmlParser.h.

#include <xmlparser/xmlParser.h>

Public Attributes

enum XMLElementType etype
 This dictates what's the content of the XMLNodeContent. More...
XMLNode child
XMLAttribute attrib
XMLClear clear

Member Data Documentation

◆ attrib

XMLAttribute XMLNodeContents::attrib

Definition at line 947 of file xmlParser.h.

◆ child

XMLNode XMLNodeContents::child

Definition at line 946 of file xmlParser.h.

◆ clear

XMLClear XMLNodeContents::clear

Definition at line 949 of file xmlParser.h.

◆ etype

enum XMLElementType XMLNodeContents::etype

This dictates what's the content of the XMLNodeContent.

should be an union to access the appropriate data. Compiler does not allow union of object with constructor... too bad.

Definition at line 943 of file xmlParser.h.

◆ text

XMLCSTR XMLNodeContents::text

Definition at line 948 of file xmlParser.h.

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