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mrpt::obs::gnss::nv_oem6_header_t Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Novatel OEM6 regular header structure.

See also

Definition at line 21 of file gnss_messages_novatel.h.

#include <mrpt/obs/gnss_messages_novatel.h>

Public Types

enum  { SYNCH0 = 0xAA, SYNCH1 = 0X44, SYNCH2 = 0x12 }

Public Member Functions

 nv_oem6_header_t ()

Public Attributes

uint8_t synch [3]
uint8_t hdr_len
uint16_t msg_id
uint8_t msg_type
uint8_t port_addr
uint16_t msg_len
uint16_t seq_number
uint8_t idle_percent
uint8_t time_status
uint16_t week
uint32_t ms_in_week
uint32_t receiver_status
uint16_t reserved
uint16_t receiver_sw_version

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Definition at line 23 of file gnss_messages_novatel.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ nv_oem6_header_t()

nv_oem6_header_t::nv_oem6_header_t ( )

Definition at line 18 of file gnss_messages_novatel.cpp.

References synch.

Member Data Documentation

◆ hdr_len

uint8_t mrpt::obs::gnss::nv_oem6_header_t::hdr_len

Definition at line 30 of file gnss_messages_novatel.h.

◆ idle_percent

uint8_t mrpt::obs::gnss::nv_oem6_header_t::idle_percent

Definition at line 36 of file gnss_messages_novatel.h.

◆ ms_in_week

uint32_t mrpt::obs::gnss::nv_oem6_header_t::ms_in_week

◆ msg_id

uint16_t mrpt::obs::gnss::nv_oem6_header_t::msg_id

◆ msg_len

uint16_t mrpt::obs::gnss::nv_oem6_header_t::msg_len

◆ msg_type

uint8_t mrpt::obs::gnss::nv_oem6_header_t::msg_type

Definition at line 32 of file gnss_messages_novatel.h.

◆ port_addr

uint8_t mrpt::obs::gnss::nv_oem6_header_t::port_addr

Definition at line 33 of file gnss_messages_novatel.h.

◆ receiver_status

uint32_t mrpt::obs::gnss::nv_oem6_header_t::receiver_status

Definition at line 40 of file gnss_messages_novatel.h.

◆ receiver_sw_version

uint16_t mrpt::obs::gnss::nv_oem6_header_t::receiver_sw_version

Definition at line 42 of file gnss_messages_novatel.h.

◆ reserved

uint16_t mrpt::obs::gnss::nv_oem6_header_t::reserved

Definition at line 41 of file gnss_messages_novatel.h.

◆ seq_number

uint16_t mrpt::obs::gnss::nv_oem6_header_t::seq_number

Definition at line 35 of file gnss_messages_novatel.h.

◆ synch

uint8_t mrpt::obs::gnss::nv_oem6_header_t::synch[3]

Definition at line 29 of file gnss_messages_novatel.h.

Referenced by nv_oem6_header_t().

◆ time_status

uint8_t mrpt::obs::gnss::nv_oem6_header_t::time_status

Definition at line 37 of file gnss_messages_novatel.h.

◆ week

uint16_t mrpt::obs::gnss::nv_oem6_header_t::week

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