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mrpt::obs::CObservationVelodyneScan::TVelodyneRawPacket Struct Reference

Detailed Description

One unit of data from the scanner (the payload of one UDP DATA packet)

Definition at line 112 of file CObservationVelodyneScan.h.

#include <mrpt/obs/CObservationVelodyneScan.h>

Public Attributes

raw_block_t blocks [BLOCKS_PER_PACKET]
uint32_t gps_timestamp
 us from top of hour More...
uint8_t laser_return_mode
 0x37: strongest, 0x38: last, 0x39: dual return More...
uint8_t velodyne_model_ID
 0x21: HDL-32E, 0x22: VLP-16 More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ blocks

raw_block_t mrpt::obs::CObservationVelodyneScan::TVelodyneRawPacket::blocks[BLOCKS_PER_PACKET]

◆ gps_timestamp

uint32_t mrpt::obs::CObservationVelodyneScan::TVelodyneRawPacket::gps_timestamp

◆ laser_return_mode

uint8_t mrpt::obs::CObservationVelodyneScan::TVelodyneRawPacket::laser_return_mode

0x37: strongest, 0x38: last, 0x39: dual return

Definition at line 116 of file CObservationVelodyneScan.h.

Referenced by velodyne_scan_to_pointcloud().

◆ velodyne_model_ID

uint8_t mrpt::obs::CObservationVelodyneScan::TVelodyneRawPacket::velodyne_model_ID

0x21: HDL-32E, 0x22: VLP-16

Definition at line 117 of file CObservationVelodyneScan.h.

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