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jvirt_barray_control Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 149 of file jmemmgr.cpp.

Public Attributes

JBLOCKARRAY mem_buffer
JDIMENSION rows_in_array
JDIMENSION blocksperrow
JDIMENSION maxaccess
JDIMENSION rows_in_mem
JDIMENSION rowsperchunk
JDIMENSION cur_start_row
JDIMENSION first_undef_row
boolean pre_zero
boolean dirty
boolean b_s_open
jvirt_barray_ptr next
backing_store_info b_s_info

Member Data Documentation

◆ b_s_info

backing_store_info jvirt_barray_control::b_s_info

Definition at line 162 of file jmemmgr.cpp.

Referenced by free_pool().

◆ b_s_open

boolean jvirt_barray_control::b_s_open

Definition at line 160 of file jmemmgr.cpp.

Referenced by free_pool().

◆ blocksperrow

JDIMENSION jvirt_barray_control::blocksperrow

Definition at line 152 of file jmemmgr.cpp.

◆ cur_start_row

JDIMENSION jvirt_barray_control::cur_start_row

Definition at line 156 of file jmemmgr.cpp.

◆ dirty

boolean jvirt_barray_control::dirty

Definition at line 159 of file jmemmgr.cpp.

◆ first_undef_row

JDIMENSION jvirt_barray_control::first_undef_row

Definition at line 157 of file jmemmgr.cpp.

◆ maxaccess

JDIMENSION jvirt_barray_control::maxaccess

Definition at line 153 of file jmemmgr.cpp.

Referenced by realize_virt_arrays().

◆ mem_buffer

JBLOCKARRAY jvirt_barray_control::mem_buffer

Definition at line 150 of file jmemmgr.cpp.

◆ next

jvirt_barray_ptr jvirt_barray_control::next

Definition at line 161 of file jmemmgr.cpp.

Referenced by free_pool(), and realize_virt_arrays().

◆ pre_zero

boolean jvirt_barray_control::pre_zero

Definition at line 158 of file jmemmgr.cpp.

◆ rows_in_array

JDIMENSION jvirt_barray_control::rows_in_array

Definition at line 151 of file jmemmgr.cpp.

◆ rows_in_mem

JDIMENSION jvirt_barray_control::rows_in_mem

Definition at line 154 of file jmemmgr.cpp.

◆ rowsperchunk

JDIMENSION jvirt_barray_control::rowsperchunk

Definition at line 155 of file jmemmgr.cpp.

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