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XMLNode::XMLNodeDataTag Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 611 of file xmlParser.h.

Public Attributes

XMLCSTR lpszName
int nChild
int nText
int nClear
int nAttribute
char isDeclaration
struct XMLNodeDataTagpParent
int * pOrder
int ref_count

Member Data Documentation

◆ isDeclaration

char XMLNode::XMLNodeDataTag::isDeclaration

Definition at line 618 of file xmlParser.h.

◆ lpszName

XMLCSTR XMLNode::XMLNodeDataTag::lpszName

Definition at line 613 of file xmlParser.h.

◆ nAttribute

int XMLNode::XMLNodeDataTag::nAttribute

Definition at line 614 of file xmlParser.h.

◆ nChild

int XMLNode::XMLNodeDataTag::nChild

Definition at line 614 of file xmlParser.h.

◆ nClear

int XMLNode::XMLNodeDataTag::nClear

Definition at line 614 of file xmlParser.h.

◆ nText

int XMLNode::XMLNodeDataTag::nText

Definition at line 614 of file xmlParser.h.

◆ pAttribute

XMLAttribute* XMLNode::XMLNodeDataTag::pAttribute

Definition at line 623 of file xmlParser.h.

◆ pChild

XMLNode* XMLNode::XMLNodeDataTag::pChild

Definition at line 620 of file xmlParser.h.

◆ pClear

XMLClear* XMLNode::XMLNodeDataTag::pClear

Definition at line 622 of file xmlParser.h.

◆ pOrder

int* XMLNode::XMLNodeDataTag::pOrder

Definition at line 624 of file xmlParser.h.

◆ pParent

struct XMLNodeDataTag* XMLNode::XMLNodeDataTag::pParent

Definition at line 619 of file xmlParser.h.

◆ pText

XMLCSTR* XMLNode::XMLNodeDataTag::pText

Definition at line 621 of file xmlParser.h.

◆ ref_count

int XMLNode::XMLNodeDataTag::ref_count

Definition at line 625 of file xmlParser.h.

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