struct mrpt::obs::T3DPointsTo2DScanParams

Used in CObservation3DRangeScan::convertTo2DScan()

#include <mrpt/obs/T3DPointsTo2DScanParams.h>

struct T3DPointsTo2DScanParams

    std::string sensorLabel;
    double angle_sup;
    double angle_inf;
    double z_min;
    double z_max;
    double oversampling_ratio {1.2};
    bool use_origin_sensor_pose {false};

    // construction



std::string sensorLabel

The sensor label that will have the newly created observation.

double angle_sup

(Default=5 degrees) [Only if use_origin_sensor_pose=false] The upper & lower half-FOV angle (in radians).

double z_min

(Default:-inf, +inf) [Only if use_origin_sensor_pose=true] Only obstacle points with Z coordinates within the range [z_min,z_max] will be taken into account.

double oversampling_ratio {1.2}

(Default=1.2=120%) How many more laser scans rays to create (read docs for CObservation3DRangeScan::convertTo2DScan()).

bool use_origin_sensor_pose {false}

(Default:false) If false, the conversion will be such that the 2D observation pose on the robot coincides with that in the original 3D range scan.

If true, the sensed points will be “reprojected” as seen from a sensor pose at the robot/vehicle frame origin (and angle_sup, angle_inf will be ignored)