Hybrid Metric-Topological (HMT) SLAM reference implementation

Library mrpt-hmtslam

This C++ library is part of MRPT and can be installed in Debian-based systems with:

sudo apt install libmrpt-hmtslam-dev

Read also how to import MRPT into your CMake scripts.

This library includes an implementation of the HMT-SLAM framework. See the list of classes in mrpt::hmtslam, and the application hmt-slam-gui.

NOTE: For new designs, it is recommended to either try the more modern alternatives:

Library contents

// namespaces

namespace mrpt::hmtslam;

// classes

class mrpt::hmtslam::CHMHMapArc;
class mrpt::hmtslam::CHMHMapNode;
class mrpt::hmtslam::CHMTSLAM;
class mrpt::hmtslam::CHierarchicalMHMap;
class mrpt::hmtslam::CHierarchicalMapMHPartition;
class mrpt::hmtslam::CLSLAMParticleData;
class mrpt::hmtslam::CMHPropertiesValuesList;
class mrpt::hmtslam::CPropertiesValuesList;
class mrpt::hmtslam::CRobotPosesGraph;
class mrpt::hmtslam::CTopLCDetectorBase;
class mrpt::hmtslam::CTopLCDetector_FabMap;
class mrpt::hmtslam::CTopLCDetector_GridMatching;
class mrpt::hmtslam::THypothesisIDSet;

// global functions

void mrpt::hmtslam::registerAllClasses_mrpt_hmtslam();

Global Functions

void mrpt::hmtslam::registerAllClasses_mrpt_hmtslam()

Forces manual RTTI registration of all serializable classes in this namespace.

Should never be required to be explicitly called by users, except if building MRPT as a static library.