1. MRPT ROS packages

The following ROS packages are provided wrapping MRPT functionality:

  • mrpt2: For older Ubuntu distributions, this ROS package provides a more recent version of MRPT 2.x.x so users do not need to build it from sources.

  • mrpt_bridge: Converters to/from ROS1 messages and MRPT data types.

  • mrpt_navigation: Reactive autonomous navigation algorithms.

  • mrpt_sensors: Reading from diverse sensors (Supported sensors).

  • mrpt_slam: Basic 2D and 3D SLAM algorithms.

  • pose_cov_ops: SE(2) and SE(3) pose probability density function manipulation library.

2. Python

At present, all MRPT libraries are wrapped into one single Python module pymrpt. Read more here.

3. Matlab

Part of MRPT can be compiled into a .mex file and used directly from MATLAB. Read more here.