C++ library for configuration files in the “INI” file format.

For YAML format, see mrpt::containers::yaml. For generic serialization to schema-based files, see [mrpt-serialization]

Library mrpt-config

This library is part of MRPT and can be installed in Debian-based systems with:

sudo apt install libmrpt-config-dev

See: mrpt_from_cmake

See: Configuration file format in MRPT

Library contents

// classes

class mrpt::config::CConfigFile;
class mrpt::config::CConfigFileBase;
class mrpt::config::CConfigFileMemory;
class mrpt::config::CConfigFilePrefixer;
class mrpt::config::CLoadableOptions;

// global functions

std::string mrpt::config::config_parser(const std::string& input);
void mrpt::config::registerAllClasses_mrpt_config();

Global Functions

std::string mrpt::config::config_parser(const std::string& input)

Parses a document and replaces all formulas, variables, etc.

as defined in Configuration file format in MRPT

void mrpt::config::registerAllClasses_mrpt_config()

Forces manual RTTI registration of all serializable classes in this namespace.

Should never be required to be explicitly called by users, except if building MRPT as a static library.