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Create or Update the XMLNode structure

Detailed Description

The functions in this group allows you to create from scratch (or update) a XMLNode structure.

Start by creating your top node with the "createXMLTopNode" function and then add new nodes with the "addChild" function. The parameter 'pos' gives the position where the childNode, the text or the XMLClearTag will be inserted. The default value (pos=-1) inserts at the end. The value (pos=0) insert at the beginning (Insertion at the beginning is slower than at the end).

REMARK: 0 <= pos < nChild()+nText()+nClear()

Collaboration diagram for Create or Update the XMLNode structure:


 Creating from scratch a XMLNode structure
 Updating Nodes
 Some update functions:
 Deleting Nodes or Attributes
 update is missing, a new one will be added
 ???_WOSD functions.
 current XMLNode (direct "pointer-to-pointer" comparison on the lpszName of the clear tag is used to find the clear tag)
 Position helper functions (use in conjunction with
 update is missing, a new one will be added
 String Allocation/Free functions

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