struct mrpt::hmtslam::CHMTSLAM::TMessageLSLAMfromTBI

Message definition:

  • From: TBI

  • To: LSLAM

  • Meaning:

#include <mrpt/hmtslam/CHMTSLAM.h>

struct TMessageLSLAMfromTBI
    // typedefs

    typedef std::shared_ptr<TMessageLSLAMfromTBI> Ptr;

    // structs

    struct TBI_info;


    THypothesisID hypothesisID;
    CHMHMapNode::TNodeID cur_area;
    std::map<CHMHMapNode::TNodeID, TBI_info> loopClosureData;


THypothesisID hypothesisID

The hypothesis ID (LMH) for these results.

CHMHMapNode::TNodeID cur_area

The area for who the loop-closure has been computed.

std::map<CHMHMapNode::TNodeID, TBI_info> loopClosureData

The meat is here: only feasible loop closures from “cur_area” are included here, with associated data.