struct mrpt::detectors::CDetectorDoorCrossing::TDoorCrossingOutParams


A structure used as output in this method.

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#include <mrpt/detectors/CDetectorDoorCrossing.h>

struct TDoorCrossingOutParams
    // fields

    bool enoughInformation {false};
    float doorCrossingLikelihood {0};
    float informationGain {0};
    float cumulativeTurning {0};
    mrpt::maps::CSimplePointsMap pointsMap;

    // construction



bool enoughInformation {false}

If this is false, all other output fields must not be taken into account since there is not yet enough information to fill the required observations window size.

float doorCrossingLikelihood {0}

The likelihood of having just entering a new room, in the range [0,1].

float informationGain {0}

The gain in information produced by the last observation, in “bits”.

float cumulativeTurning {0}

The cumulative turning of the robot in radians for the movements in the “window”.