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EdgeAdders< GRAPH, false > Struct Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<class GRAPH>
struct EdgeAdders< GRAPH, false >

Specific templates based on the above EdgeAdders template Non-PDF version:

Definition at line 56 of file vision_stereo_rectify/test.cpp.

Public Types

typedef CMatrixFixed< double, DIM, DIMcov_t

Static Public Member Functions

static void addEdge (TNodeID from, TNodeID to, const typename GRAPH::global_poses_t &real_poses, GRAPH &graph, const cov_t &COV_MAT)

Static Public Attributes

static const int DIM = GRAPH::edge_t::type_value::static_size

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ cov_t

template<class GRAPH >
typedef CMatrixFixed<double, DIM, DIM> EdgeAdders< GRAPH, false >::cov_t

Definition at line 59 of file vision_stereo_rectify/test.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addEdge()

template<class GRAPH >
static void EdgeAdders< GRAPH, false >::addEdge ( TNodeID  from,
TNodeID  to,
const typename GRAPH::global_poses_t &  real_poses,
GRAPH &  graph,
const cov_t COV_MAT 

No covariance argument here (although it is passed in the function declaration above) See also : for a more detailed explanation on how it is treated

Definition at line 61 of file vision_stereo_rectify/test.cpp.

Member Data Documentation


template<class GRAPH >
const int EdgeAdders< GRAPH, false >::DIM = GRAPH::edge_t::type_value::static_size

Definition at line 58 of file vision_stereo_rectify/test.cpp.

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