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mrpt::kinematics Namespace Reference


class  CKinematicChain
 A open-loop kinematic chain model, suitable to robotic manipulators. More...
class  CVehicleSimul_DiffDriven
 Simulates the kinematics of a differential-driven planar mobile robot/vehicle, including odometry errors and dynamics limitations. More...
class  CVehicleSimul_Holo
 Kinematic simulator of a holonomic 2D robot capable of moving in any direction, with "blended" velocity profiles. More...
class  CVehicleSimulVirtualBase
 This class can be used to simulate the kinematics and dynamics of a differential driven planar mobile robot, including odometry errors and dynamics limitations. More...
class  CVehicleVelCmd
 Virtual base for velocity commands of different kinematic models of planar mobile robot. More...
class  CVehicleVelCmd_DiffDriven
 Kinematic model for Ackermann-like or differential-driven vehicles. More...
class  CVehicleVelCmd_Holo
 Kinematic model for. More...
struct  TKinematicLink
 An individual kinematic chain element (one link) which builds up a CKinematicChain. More...


mrpt::serialization::CArchiveoperator>> (mrpt::serialization::CArchive &in, TKinematicLink &o)
mrpt::serialization::CArchiveoperator<< (mrpt::serialization::CArchive &out, const TKinematicLink &o)

Function Documentation

◆ operator<<()

mrpt::serialization::CArchive & mrpt::kinematics::operator<< ( mrpt::serialization::CArchive out,
const TKinematicLink o 

◆ operator>>()

mrpt::serialization::CArchive & mrpt::kinematics::operator>> ( mrpt::serialization::CArchive in,
TKinematicLink o 

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