MRPT  1.9.9
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mrpt::cpu Namespace Reference




enum  feature : unsigned int {
  feature::MMX = 0, feature::POPCNT, feature::SSE, feature::SSE2,
  feature::SSE3, feature::SSSE3, feature::SSE4_1, feature::SSE4_2,
  feature::AVX, feature::AVX2, feature::FEATURE_COUNT
 OS-portable set of CPU feature definitions, for usage in mrpt::cpu::supports. More...


bool supports (feature f) noexcept
 Returns true if CPU (and OS) supports the given CPU feature, and that instruction set or feature was also enabled by the compiler flags used while building MRPT. More...
std::string features_as_string () noexcept
 Returns a string with detected features: "MMX:1 SSE2:0 etc.". More...

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