MRPT  1.9.9

Detailed Description

Basic computer vision data structures and tools: bitmap images, canvas, color maps, and pinhole camera models.

Library `mrpt-img`

[New in MRPT 2.0.0]

This C++ library is part of MRPT and can be installed in Debian-based systems with:

    sudo apt install libmrpt-img-dev

See: Using MRPT from your CMake project

Find below some examples of use.

Image handling

The class mrpt::img::CImage represents a wrapper around OpenCV images, plus extra functionality such as on-the-fly loading of images stored in disk upon first usage. The cv::Mat object is always available so OpenCV's functions can be still used to operate on MRPT images.

Collaboration diagram for [mrpt-img]:


class  mrpt::img::CCanvas
 This virtual class defines the interface of any object accepting drawing primitives on it. More...
class  mrpt::img::CEnhancedMetaFile
 This class represents a Windows Enhanced Meta File (EMF) for generating and saving graphics. More...
class  mrpt::img::CImage
 A class for storing images as grayscale or RGB bitmaps. More...
class  mrpt::img::CMappedImage
 This class encapsulates a MRPT Image and allows the sampling of individual pixels with sub-pixel accuracy and with a change of coordinates (eg, meters). More...
class  mrpt::img::TCamera
 Structure to hold the parameters of a pinhole camera model. More...
struct  mrpt::img::TColor
 A RGB color - 8bit. More...
struct  mrpt::img::TColorf
 A RGB color - floats in the range [0,1]. More...


 Color map functions (in #include


enum  mrpt::img::TInterpolationMethod { mrpt::img::IMG_INTERP_NN = 0, mrpt::img::IMG_INTERP_LINEAR = 1, mrpt::img::IMG_INTERP_CUBIC = 2, mrpt::img::IMG_INTERP_AREA = 3 }
 Interpolation methods for images. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ TInterpolationMethod

enum mrpt::img::TInterpolationMethod

Interpolation methods for images.

Used for OpenCV related operations with images, but also with MRPT native classes.

See also
mrpt::img::CMappedImage, CImage::scaleImage
These are numerically compatible to cv::InterpolationFlags

Definition at line 49 of file img/CImage.h.

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